For Casual Family Dining in the Endicott area, One Word Says It All: NADIUS!

Occupying a space made famous by the Peppermill, Nadius proudly offers up to Endicott residents (and those from miles around!) the very best in hearty, home-cooked meals. In addition to classic diner fare like pancakes, waffles, sandwiches, and meat loaf, adventurous diners will also have their choice of more exotic entrees such as huevos rancheros, mesquite cheddar chicken omelettes, and enticing seafood dishes — like crab meat-stuffed tilapia and Nadius Land and Sea Combo. If it's starting to sound like Nadius is more than your average Binghamton area restaurant, then we've made our point.

"A Fresh Mix of Flavors...Try It and be Pleasantly Surprised."

So says one of our recent happy customers after partaking of Nadius' Greek-style pita pizza. And after 2 years in business, we're attracting a bevy of similarly-impressed regular patrons throughout the Endicott, Endwell, Johnson City, and greater Binghamton area. That's because there's always something fresh and exciting being cooked up and served up by our talented chefs. Be sure to check out our menu page for a good idea of the kind of variety you'll have in store when you dine at Nadius — but keep in mind we feature specials on an ever-changing basis, so whatever you come in expecting to eat there will still be room for the agony of having to, perhaps, change your mind and try something different. But that's OK — whatever you decide on, our friendly and accommodating servers will do their part to make sure you enjoy your meal to the fullest.

Special Events are Our Cup of Tea, Too

If you're looking for a venue to host a meeting, family gathering, or private party, consider reserving a space at Nadius. Call us at 607-748-3076 for information or to check on availability. We're open from 6 a.m.-8:30 p.m., 7 days/week. We look forward to serving you!